Avid Symphony 5.0.1

Fixed in Avid Symphony v5.0.1
The following have been fixed:
➤ When you enable the Bypass button in the RTAS tool, the track inserts on timeline did not indicate a bypass. This has been fixed so that the insert button highlights when you click the Bypass button for that insert in the RTAS tool.
➤ The Bypass button in the RTAS tool now displays the same color as the Bypass buttons in other audio tools when activated.
➤ When you attempted an audio Match Frame on a group clip, you might have received an error message, “Out of subclip boundaries, which clip do you want to load? subclip or master clip?” If you chose “master clip,” you might have crashed. This has been fixed.
➤ You can now link Canon XF 720p23.976 media through AMA from your local drive.
➤ Playback errors should not occur when playing back an AMA MXF clip. This was improved with AMA handling of CBR MXF files.
➤ The Solo and Mute buttons in the Timeline did not update when they were enabled or disabled from the Audio Mixer. This has been fixed.
➤ Selecting the Solo or Mute buttons on Command|8 did not update the Solo or Mute buttons on the Timeline. This has been fixed.
➤ Transcoding sequences that contained stereo clips with Pan/Vol Effects across frame rates, might have resulted in large gaps of filler in the sequence. This has been fixed.
➤ Deleting tracks in the Timeline by pressing the keyboard Delete key multiple times in a row might have resulted in a fatal error. This has been fixed.
➤ In source/record or trim mode, after deleting a clip in the Timeline, the next clip in the sequence was automatically selected. This has been fixed. No clip is automatically selected after a delete operation when in these modes.
➤ Previously, selecting the Dyn3 EQ effect on multichannel clips resulted in an error. Now unsupported multi-channel effects are not selectable.
➤ Performing an Add Edit in audio that had pan or clip gain resulted in a RED match-cut that you could not select and delete. This has been fixed.
➤ (Macintosh) Performing a File Import might have resulted in a system crash. This has been fixed.


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