Avid DS 10.3.1 Update for Version 10.3

Note that Avid Media Composer 5 is not qualified against Avid DS 10.3 or its Update release. The 10.3.1 update includes these enhancements:


  • Move the stereo output property from the container properties editor to the sequence preferences.
  • Add convergence option to the stereoscopic effect properties editor.
  • Enable stereoscopic formats in software only (GL HAL) systems.
  • Add a global zoom property to enlarge the image.
  • Viewer rescan based on output of proxy.
  • Enable real-time stereoscopic effects.
  • Enable new stereoscopic frame rates.


  • Load RSX information if provided in the LUT column with the "Alternate source..." conform.
  • Support 2816 by 2304 2.4 to 1 Anamorphic RED sequence format.
  • Latest RED SDK support.

The 10.3.1 update corrects the following problems in version 10.3:

OFX Host

  • The field masking flags (during processing) are not properly respected for time-based effects.
  • Enabling/Disabling parameters from the plug-in is not implemented in the host.
  • Minor version incorrectly used to generate unique ID for OFX presets.
  • Optional inputs incorrectly registered.
  • Furnace MatchGrade effect should be passing through the input when the first input (of 3) is connected.
  • Furnace MatchGrade in Effects Tree should enable (or disable) source controls when the source input is connected (or disconnected).
  • Kronos is broken when rendering in an interlaced project.


  • Conform of consolidated P2 media through the Avid Interplay Media Indexer fails.
  • OMF with embedded audio conform but do not relink to audio media.
  • AFE conform misses and/or offsets some clips on the timeline.

Capture & Playback

  • Video HAL and CRC errors with DNxHD material (Avid Nitris DNA only).
  • H.264 Quicktime media not importing correctly.


  • Mismatch in Debayer settings and lack of Chroma settings on RSX load.


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