Fill-Lite: New Product Videos of LED Soft Light

New Fill-Lite product videos are now showing on our website for the FL200 and FLWall LED soft light.

These videos were shot over two days in March and April of 2015 and show new equipment designs for lighting projects with soft light using Fill-Light equipment. Ryan E. Walters at Bleeding Thorn Films shot the video on a Sony 7s with Canon video lenses. Tim Park, Ryan’s business partner, wrangled us all into orderly chaos moving lights and equipment onto and off of the set with the help of two grips.

All lighting on the set was delivered by our own Fill-Lite soft lights. Ryan and Tim have been working with a Fill-Lite 200 for over a year now and were happy to have a set full of Fill-Lite fixtures to shoot with. But Ryan and Tim had another reason to enjoy the shoot: they operate Indie Cinema Academy, video training for aspiring filmmakers, and they feature Fill-Lite in many of their training videos.

We heard many DP’s and gaffers ask about demonstration of specific aspects of the products, so these new videos offer quick explanations of the Fill-Lite basics, such as:

  • Fill-Light Wall systems mounted in ceiling or wall configurations
  • Moving Fill-Light squares from Wall frames to individual light stands
  • Attaching a Wall square to a wall for shooting in tight spaces
  • Installing optional DMX and Battery Inverter modules

Enjoy these videos and look for more coming soon.

Fill-Lite Wall Demo Video from Fill-Lite™ LLC on Vimeo.

Fill-Lite 200: Demo Video from Fill-Lite™ LLC on Vimeo.


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